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Competitive Socialising

If you’re partial to a bit of organised fun (who isn’t?), don your tank top and plus fours and take a stroll through the backstreets of Shoreditch until you find yourself in Swingers, London’s super-cool crazy golf venue.

We incorporated Swingers into a Birthday celebration we organised and the overwhelming consensus from the revellers was that, as far as alternative London hotspots go, this is very hard to beat.

Let’s start with the golf. Each of the nine holes is carefully crafted to form a seamless and increasingly challenging journey from start to finish; in addition, the course as a whole is expertly crafted to compliment the vibe of the entire venue. Anyone hoping for a Happy Gilmore-esque clown or windmill will be disappointed; having said that, for those able to channel their inner-Chubbs, hole in ones are a distinct possibility.

10426894_10154945828165538_4675561917840186636_nThe main attraction is undeniably the organised fun but, for those lacking in basic hand-eye skills or, if you like to keep your socialising a little more freeform, fear not! There is a decidedly well stocked bar, an in-house dj and resident street food specialists, such as Pizza Pilgrims, offering up supremely tasty food.

The only gripe we have is that our below-par performance left us shy of winning the much-coveted winners’ spatula. Next time. Next time.

Christmas. Delivered.

Doing what we do, a busy Christmas is inevitable. But having lots on your plate is no excuse not to show some appreciation and spread a little festive love. So we dusted off this year’s naughty/nice list and found the five names at the very very top.

Knowing we couldn’t settle for rewarding these heroes with a simple card, we engineered a little Christmas surprise delivery and employed the skills of Holly the Elf (aka Quest actor Rhian Jones).

Holly the Elf

Holly the Elf

One week before delivery day, we sent a little note to each recipient ensuring they knew to look out for a hand-delivered gift from their secret Santa. Sure enough, one week later, Holly the Elf comes to call. She has a hamper with a lovely gift inside but alas! The hamper is locked tight.

Holly, thinking that her new-found friend would hold the key, was stumped. Luckily for everyone, Holly the Elf never goes anywhere without her trusty black light and, as it would transpire, this light was used to detect a hidden twitter handle written in UV ink on the very note that had been sent one week earlier! The handle belonged to a certain @MrEHamper (get it?). This sprinkle of good fortune meant they were one step closer to opening their locked hamper. But it wasn’t easy. The lock’s combination code was hidden inside that day’s edition of the Metro newspaper and, only when inspecting the sudoku pages, could it be revealed.

Matt @ Adam&Eve DDB

Matt @ Adam&Eve DDB

But revealed it was and, without further ado, the hamper was opened and the lovely goodies inside released. Big thanks to Holly the Elf and, of course, to all the nice people out there who enable us to carry on being nice. Thanks to Matt, Lisa, Jo, Gary, Jane (from Etsy), Cally and all the guys at Inception Group for being such good sports.

Merry Christmas one and all!

Cally @ Eulogy!

Cally @ Eulogy!

Jo and Gary @ Ignition

Jo and Gary @ Ignition

Some of the guys @ Inception Group

Some of the team @ Inception Group

Trick or tr-etsy

Christmas commercials have hit our screens, which means the winter festive season is already upon us. But before a raft of Christmas parties blinkers us, we wanted to share our news involving a spookier brand of wintertime party.

Etsy Cluedo Event 2014-238

As Halloween befell our unsuspecting capital city, the lovely people at Etsy UK HQ had no idea what lay in store for them. For their party, this cool and crafty bunch would not only need entertaining, they would also like to stretch their impossibly creative brains. So we set them a challenge to get the ball rolling. With the help of our woman on the inside, we anonymously split the company into five teams, each one given limited time and budget to adorn one room within their own office to meet a specific brief. Once completed, these five delightfully eccentric areas helped set the scene for what was to come… a fully interactive (and slightly gruesome) game of Cluedo, to be played out in real time.

Following a lunch-time police intervention, each team was sent out to retrieve one of the five suspects in the case. Whilst on their missions, the Quest team transformed the Etsy office main space into a crime scene, complete with the bloodied body of a surveyor, Mr Black, who’d been inspecting the office that very morning!

Etsy Cluedo Event 2014-180The suspect list was made up of the sultry Miss Scarlet, tech geek Professor Plum, mischievous Mr Grey, pretentious Colonel Mustard and Mrs Peacock, the matriarch. Detective Green, in charge of proceedings, charged the teams with interrogating each suspect in turn; all of them had information to share. Just how sharing they were, depended on how well they performed in a challenge.

These challenges were as varied as the characters that designed them, ranging from the physically demanding to the mentally taxing.

Etsy Cluedo Event 2014-99

Once all the interrogations and challenges were complete, it was time for final questioning in the dock before each team made their case. And then, the denouement. Underscored by some suitably creepy music, Mr Black was raised from the dead and given the task of revealing his true murderer. In a final scene full of twists and turns, Mr Black’s last movements were uncovered.

Suffice it to say, there was violence, some blood and a dash of comedy thrown in for good measure.   And there was a winning team too. Which is always nice.

‘Everyone had a blast so thanks again, it was brilliant.’

Jane Millar, Office Manager and party planner extraordinaire at Etsy