Graduate & Intern Quests

A Quest is no ordinary treasure hunt. Our adventures are crafted specifically for those taking part; the storyline, clues and characters are inspired by themselves, so no two Quests are ever the same.

A Quest is the perfect platform to get to know prospective employees in a more relaxed environment and assist in the recruitment process. Observe interns as they mix with peers and, if you wish, existing employees, as they work together to overcome a variety of challenges, each one specifically targeting a different skill such as creativity, lateral thinking, leadership, time management and public presentation.

A Graduate Quest for BlackRock

London Quest were asked by investment management firm BlackRock to create a challenging activity for sixty five interns to encourage teamwork and quash the notion of an interdepartmental hierarchy.

Once assembled, the interns were introduced to a security specialist who had been charged with the protection of a rare diamond. Moments into his talk, two Police Inspectors seized control of the meeting room and informed the group that the diamond had been stolen.

With resources stretched, Police moved to recruit the interns to their cause. Each team was furnished with a case file containing important evidence and cryptic clues. Whilst tracking down five criminal suspects, teams discovered that each one possessed a very specific skill that they must first learn in order to retrieve information. With evidence garnered from the suspects, teams uncovered a chilling crime scene; a dimly lit, derelict basement littered with plastic sheeting and a bloodied body. With suspicions piqued, teams presented their conclusions and made their accusations. The guilty party was revealed and placed into custody whilst the winning group were named champions.

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