Murder Mystery

Our bespoke murder mystery parties push the boundaries of this much-loved party tradition. Not for the faint-hearted, this experience immerses guests in a gory crime scene and a world populated by imaginative and, sometimes, deceitful characters. Meticulous investigation skills and a logical brain are required in order to unravel the mystery hidden within our original narrative.

As with all of our adventures and parties, we weave in specific details and information about our client ensuring the party is truly unique.

A Murder Mystery for DHL

DHL’s events agency, Wired, were tasked with creating an immersive, theatrical experience to conclude the logistics firm’s meeting for international managers. So they came straight to London Quest.

Upon arriving at the stately grounds of Hedsor House, guests were transported into the classy world of the 1920s and invited to sip champagne and rub shoulders with the filthy rich, yet hugely dysfunctional, D’Eschelle family.
This jovial state didn’t last as, soon after, the lady of the house came a cropper on the front steps. Armed with an investigation file, razor sharp intellect and a healthy dose of suspicion, a host of newly recruited detectives were let loose on the house. Interrogating anyone they found, guests gathered evidence and began to discount their list of possible suspects. After plot twists and turns, and two hours of investigation time, all 120 guests joined together in the great hall for the denouement. The murderers and their motives revealed, those closest to the truth were handsomely rewarded for their diligence and peace was restored to Buckinghamshire once more.

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