Sports Day

A bespoke sports day is the perfect alternative to a regular party if you’re looking to engage your colleagues in some healthy competition. Within the framework of your day, our team can deliver a range of activities; from traditional sports to more unconventional pastimes, catering for all ‘athletes.’ Winners get prizes (and bragging rights).

‘thanks for the amazing Sports Day you arranged for my Olympic project team. The balance between the fun and competitive elements was pitched just right. We definitely bonded on a whole new level. I am already looking forward to the next one!’ Global Hospitality Operations Manager, Coca-Cola

A Sports Day for Coca-Cola

Whilst gearing up for a gruelling Olympic delivery period, the Coca-Cola hospitality team were looking for a fun way to get to know each other. Well aware of the wider team’s competitive nature, Coca-Cola opted for a Sports Day and, having worked with Quest before, got us on the case.

Split into teams, the first challenge was to follow clues and locate the event venue. Points were awarded to how quickly each team made it to The Hub in Regent’s Park. After a quick change, team names and theme songs were chosen and the battle for supremacy over six different disciplines commenced. From welly-wanging, to tug-o-war, to our personal favourite, pantomime horse cross country (two people, one costume, lots of obstacles and a stopwatch!), the competition was fierce. As the final event drew to a close, points were tallied and prizes were awarded for the winning team. The most fitting reward, however, was a refreshing drink and some well-earned food for all at the local pub.

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