Teambuilding Quests

A Quest is no ordinary treasure hunt. Our adventures are crafted specifically for those taking part; the storyline, clues and characters are inspired by themselves, so no two Quests are ever the same.

Our unique adventures encourage friendly rivalry between teams as they compete against each other. Challenges woven into our stories test colleagues’ creativity, their ability to think laterally, their potential for leadership and their ability to achieve success within an externally imposed time frame.

‘The feedback we’ve received is that many of the team feel much more comfortable in the office now that they know their colleagues better.’ Deloitte

A Teambuilding Quest for Deloitte

London Quest were asked by global consultancy firm Deloitte to design a unique integration activity that would encourage a new department of sixty people to facilitate more comfortable, confident and productive working relationships.

As guests checked into Brighton’s luxurious Grand Hotel, an invitation awaited them in their rooms, requesting their attendance at a secret meeting the following morning. That evening, strange things began to happen. First, the guests’ private drinks reception was interrupted by four conspicuous and quarrelsome French residents. Then, during a few short seconds of darkness induced by a post-dinner power cut, a ghostly character glided through the dining room amongst the tables of our guests.

During the following morning’s meeting an eccentric historian revealed that the noisy French quartet from the night before were in Brighton to reclaim a lost artefact that they believed to be theirs. The ensuing mission saw the intrepid Questers outwit the Gallic invaders before uncovering the supposed location of the missing relic. A race to the finish and pitch-perfect presentations saw the artefact delivered into the custody of the worthiest team.

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